How To Use The Jaw Wave

Welcome to the World of Enhanced Jaw Health and Refined Facial Features Discover how to optimize your Jaw Wave for peak performance.


Setting Up Your Jaw Wave 2.0
The Jaw Wave comes with two silicone strips, one for the upper teeth and another for the lower. 2 additional strips are provided for FREE to replace the silicon strips if they break due to excessive use. These strips are tailored for a comfortable fit, eliminating the need for moulding.


Step 1: Capture a front and side photo of your face before using the Jaw Wave to monitor your progress. Share your journey with us – we're excited to see your transformation!

Step 2: Thread the included chain through the center of the Jaw Wave and wear it around your neck if you prefer.

Step 3: Insert the Jaw Wave in your mouth, ensuring the rounded side faces outward.

If fitting the Jaw Wave is challenging, compress it slightly before placing it in your mouth. Its size is intentional to ensure a comprehensive workout for your facial muscles.

Position your lips around the Jaw Wave and aim for a vertical bite, reducing stress on your teeth and effectively engaging your facial muscles.

Experiment to find a comfortable bite that minimizes tooth pressure. Firmly bite down on the transparent silicone strips to establish your grip.

Step 4: Setup complete! It's that simple. Use the Jaw Wave during various activities, keeping it handy with the neck chain.


Strips Falling Out?: If the strips dislodge during use, ensure your bite aligns with the strip's groove. To reinsert the strips, press them in one side at a time with your thumb. Persistent issues? Hold the Jaw Wave by the chain and submerge it in boiling water for 30 seconds with the strips correctly placed. Carefully remove and press the strips deeper into the Jaw Wave for a firmer hold.


Jaw Wave Resistances
BLUE | Beginner - 30 pounds (13kg)
PURPLE | Intermediate - 40 pounds (18kg)
BLACK | Advanced - 50 pounds (22kg)


Using the Jaw Wave to Build Facial Muscle Bite down with the flat side inside your mouth, aiming to close the central hole with each rep. Bite vertically to minimize tooth stress. For optimal reps, apply force, then release slowly, feeling the burn throughout. You can also perform faster reps at the end of a set for muscle conditioning and increased calorie burn.

Work out for 5-15 minutes daily, taking breaks as needed. Everyone's jaw strength varies, so listen to your body and rest when muscles feel fatigued. Take 2-3 days off between sessions for muscle recovery. If resistance feels too easy, slow your reps to intensify muscle engagement. Stop using the Jaw Wave and rest if you experience any discomfort or pain, as this may indicate overuse. Progress to a higher resistance level once current reps become effortless.


Additional Life-Changing Tips: When not using the Jaw Wave, here are some tips to promote good jaw/teeth health, enhance facial development, and maintain muscle gains.

Tip 1: Practice Proper Tongue Posture Relax your tongue, ensuring it rests comfortably in your mouth. With lips closed, place your tongue's tip behind your front teeth, pressing gently against the roof of your mouth. Maintain this position throughout the day, including during swallowing. Tip 2: Avoid Mouth Breathing Mouth breathing can lead to various health issues. It bypasses the nose's natural filtration, increasing susceptibility to allergies, infections, and dry mouth. It can also contribute to oxygen deficiency and poor sleep quality, impacting overall health.

Disclaimer: Our company does not guarantee specific results. Product effectiveness depends on user application, and individual results may vary. Use the Jaw Wave responsibly and according to guidelines to prevent jaw-related issues, which typically arise from misuse. Consult a health or dental professional before using this product if you have any concerns or doubts. Jaw Wave products are not intended for medical use, have not undergone medical testing, and are not subject to government regulations or approvals. "USE JAW WAVE PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION" By using Jaw Wave products, I acknowledge and accept the Terms and Services as outlined on the website.